Mercury Retrograde is real y’all.  And it went into effect Sunday. I am not gonna lie…I actually LOVE Mercury Retrograde these days. But that was not always the case.

What the retrograde is, as Mercury is winding its way around the sun the view of this on earth puts that orbit askew. For about 3 weeks Mercury looks as if it is moving backwards around the sun. When Mercury goes into retrograde it will feel like nothing is going right. From glitchy to maddening communication and travel, computers are particularly wonky during the MercRX. Just today I have 2 notices of newly broken links on two different posts.


Oh and the art frustration– miss read patterns, calculations and general mishaps are bound to happen here. Projects will feel like you are spinning your wheels. UGH!! NOTHING is moving forward without 3 steps back.


What is one to do? Hide in the corner with wine and chocolate(although I am not saying that is a bad thing…) turn off the computer for 3 weeks? How can one push through the ass-backwards energy that is totally throwing it all into a spiral. This IS my circus, and damn it, these ARE my monkeys!!!

Fiberista, there absolutely is a way to master the retrograde energy and I promise it is going to make your creative work explode.

I learned this the hard way after scheduling a solo trip to desert for a new teaching gig right as Mercury Retrograde was rearing it’s ugly head. I felt for certain I would have lost luggage, bumped flights, bad classes and an awful time. What I realized was the retrograde is not much about moving backwards, as it is turning inward. It is an invitation to do the inner work, healing, self care, taking inventory and shedding what no longer serves you. What I found during my trip was an invitation to make that trip into a pilgrimage and inner journey finding deep inspirations and so many personal a-ha moments I was not expecting at all. I had so much creative and personal inspirations, found new creative paths and gratitude that had me in tears every nigh of that trip. Put it this way, that was the trip where Debra Lambert sold me my tiny loom and started me art weaving. Those seeds were cultivated doing the inward work during the powerful inward energy of Mercury Retrograde.

So today I am sharing with you 5 critical steps you should take not just to weather this Mercury Retrograde, but to totally rock it for your art.

Step One: Get out the calendar, check the dates
I usually check the farmer’s almanac for the dates. This retrograde runs from April 9 to May 3, 2017. Note any big events, particularly ones relating to travel and communications. Big meeting? teaching gig? Be particularly especially aware of any major contracts to be signed during this time.

Step Two: Get your self care supplies into place.
What are you go-to methods for when the shit hits the fan. Do you have a yoga tape? Do you journal? On second though, grab a journal regardless, we will need this in step four. Mediations are good (here is one I made for you). Into energy clearing? Grab a partner and do clearing trades during the retrograde. That is one of my big supports and it helps to clear the energetic junk as I shed what no longer serves me. Maybe it is just a routine to take a meditative walk, or even a nap. I just want you to have something soothing in place in case aggravations rise and you need to ground yourself until it passed.

Step Three: Move slowly and carefully
I am not saying put down that sweater/weaving/painting. Just don’t feel compelled to push through any frustrations right now. Technical difficulties will happen. Do what you can. Give yourself extra time for travel. Engage in communications at a slower more thoughtful place. Merc RX is notorious for mucking about in these areas. Think of as going with the natural flow. Don’t try to swim against a rip current. You may actually be called to look at a different perspective, be open to a new path or idea. THIS is where Mercury Retrograde can be a powerful ally.

Step Four: Journal the heck out of everything.
You know how I am all about journaling… now is a the best time to do all that inner contemplative work. Write down your dreams, art journal as just play time with your supplies, do morning pages to shake loose anything deep in your subconscious. Paste in inspirations you see from your day…no pressure to do anything with them, this is not the best time to push forward, but absolutely the best time to uncover deep seated ideas.

Step Five: Prepare the ground work for when Mercury goes direct.
Now is a great time to make plans, but not necessarily an awesome time to act on new directions. That is ok, dive deeper into the details, gather materials and schedule time to begin your new ideas. I promise all the inner prep work you do with now during the retrograde energy will explode your work once Mercury goes direct again.

So my question for you Fiberista, do you have any tips for surviving the Mercury Retrograde to share? Leave me a comment below.



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