So I am going to dip just the tiniest baby toe into today’s task. It is a big one, and like many other knitters it is a bit of a trigger subject for me.

I am going to begin to consider thinking about thinning the stash…

I can hear the collective gasps of horrors now…

I have a lot of stash. Granted I am a professional knitter. And I keep telling myself that when ever I feel the least bit guilty about the size of my stash. I use all kind of tiny bits of yarn in weavings and art yarn, but some of this is out right ridiculous.

S.A.B.L.E = Stash Acquisitions Beyond Life Expectancy

Some of the yarn was purged during packing. I could definitely do quite a bit more. I am finding that letting go of stash is more about overcome being blind to yarn that you are just used to having there. That sweater’s worth that you just hate to part with, since it is a FULL sweater’s worth, despite being in a color you are not nuts about. That tiny ball of special yarn, too small to do much with, but too precious to include in a mere stash buster project. That super fine lace you have yet to find THE PERFECT pattern for.


Maybe 2 of the 3 will be saved, but it is the act of reframing your perspective to today’s goals and really look at each set with new eyes. Honestly is lace your thing? Are you wearing those shawls? Have you fallen out of love after discovering new favorites? I have found my tastes in both yarns and projects have changed so much over time. And they will continue to change.

Letting go is just merely the act of making room for new favorites, and new directions as you grow your body of work.

Hey I get it. If you are reading this, you probably have a hard time parting with your babies too. I fully believe we should all have a patting stash—yarn set aside that will never be knit, just occasionally taken out and lovingly petted.

So, this week… I’m going in. I am getting real about the whole stash. and letting go of what is no longer fits my CURRENT goals and styles.


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