Nothing will kill art faster than self doubt.

And unless you are certifiable narcissist, every single artist goes through periods of self doubt. It is normal. Overcoming it makes us better artists.

But, today fiberista, I want to acknowledge and validate your self doubt with loving tenderness. It is real and it is your right to process through all those feelings no matter what triggered it, what life experiences formed it, and how long you will carry it. I also want to see you move through self doubt, gathering all the gifts (yes, gifts) that it has waiting for you.

Art is important. It is your visual language, and your voice is important.

Art is a gift not just to the artist but to those who have the honor of seeing their work whether they resonate that piece or hate it.

Art sparks inspiration in other artists. I don’t mean idea stealing kind of inspiration, Art inspires others to find their own voice.

Self doubt calls you to push through it by finding new directions and inspirations. It asks us to change our art until our heart skips a beat and we bravely stand behind our work.

Self doubt also calls us to give up on art. It asks us if we really have the passion to continue. What would you do if you were not creating? Are you brave enough to try new ideas, fail, get back up and try again?

Self doubt is a fucking bully.

Fiberista, no matter where you are in your journey, you are exactly where you are meant to be. You are an artist despite your doubts, because you participate in finding that voice.

I see you.

I see your bravery. And I can’t wait to see your evolution.

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