I am having one of those days…

Paying the bills makes me grumpy… I have a feeling I am missing something major. 

I got turned around 3 times today running errands. And here in Cary that means driving in circles within circles.

I ended up going to 3 different grocery stores because despite having a list, I kept forgetting shit. I was totally cruised by a creepy dude on the gluten free isle.

I came home to find the front door WIIIIIDE open. Luckily no one escaped and everything is intact. But searching my home with the phone ready to connect 911 did not add joy to the grocery errands fiasco. However I am grateful for my relatively crime free neighborhood.

I am having weird glitchy things happening with many of my online tasks today.

So without any visuals. I am letting this be my post for today since my computer fu is pretty iffy at the moment. Off to huff my White Angelica essential oil (I call it my not-my-circus-not-my-monkeys oil) and fondle yarn.

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