We are house hunting this week. Just shoot me now. Here are 5 insanely random things about this week. And just for giggles I am doing it countdown style. WOOT!

#5: I ❤️ Air conditioning

Because it is 96˚ out. And humid. Like Alabama summer humid. It is also 8:30am and that cicada sound is happening.


 #4 Little boxes made of ticky tacky

As we look for a place to rent, we are sifting through an alarming number of new developments. Evidently the triangle area grows by leaps and bounds, and developers are buying up the tobacco farms and building these communities with tiny yards and prefab houses. The whole time the theme song for Weeds is going through my head. I kind of miss seeing old skool neighborhoods with yards and stick built houses. I am not loving these developments too much. HOAs, cheap finishes, high density.


#3 An awkward moment

Our dog’s name is Jerry. Which also happened to be the name of one of the landlords we met. I am not sure that is a good thing.


#2 I am in Asian food heaven

It amazes me the number of Asian restaurants here. I know I mentioned it in last week’s Friday five as well… That is how happy this makes me. And it is not because I am semi-asian…I was raise on the Kraft macaroni and cheese and fish stick all American dinners of the 70s too. But I have a thing for rice noodles and Gluten free savvy restaurants(several of these Asian places are well versed and have great GF options).


#1 I am dreaming of some good studio space.

It is kind of a pain to have to look for a home with enough space for my studio. It is like having to account for a whole other person. But the upside, is all the dreaming of being able to finally get back into my work full tilt. Which I have been itching to do…for months now.


So what are you rocking for your Friday5? Post it on your blog, leave me a comment below with the link and share on social media using the hashtag #friday5.




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