Today fiberista, I am giving a shout out to all the right brained Crocheters. I know it can seem as if they are the red headed step children when it comes to cool crochet resources that aren’t this:


Ok I exaggerate because there are awesome patterns out there. A quick browse through my Pinterest boards and you will see MANY of them indeed are crochet.


But there is not a whole lot of info for crocheting with wild art yarn. The structure of a crochet stitch is just not meant to show of the intricacies of a very textural art yarn.

So today Fiberista, I am going to share with you one technique which I think is hands down THE way to crochet that crazy art yarn AND maintain your ability to actually SEE the details of your hand spun art. I made you a video.

So, tell me. Do you have a favorite crochet method for crocheting with handspun art yarn? Leave me some moment love below. and as always, if you love this blog post, then please share. xo

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