Check this out. My prototype for a new art weaving header is finished.

This is an idea I had festering in my head for a while and I finally put my nose to the grindstone and made her. This is really just a kind of test. I have a series of these ladies to make. Next step is to weave the dress.

So right now I am in art weaving mode. Time to warp the loom and get down to weaving a little different from how I have been, but with so many of my art weaving techniques folded into the not so free form piece.

As I was surfing through all of my posts looking for something to write about, I realized I had quite a collection of art weaving related posts. Maybe it because I have art weaving on my mind with the new prototype. So today, I am giving you the comprehensive guide to all my weaving related stuff, including some of the vlogmas posts from December that talk about my weaving.

I’ll keep you posted on the vlog with progress on my girl’s art weaving dress.

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