A couple of years ago I was in Taos for Jane Thornley’s On Higher Ground Retreat. Jane always schedules this incredible retreat the week following the Taos fiber and wool festival in October. I had arrived a couple of days early to see the festival and explore a part of the country I had never seen before. There had been a mix up in my Air BnB rental and I found myself standing in front of two women who also thought they had that unit for the weekend. Weary from some seriously mind numbing travel, to say it was uncomfortable and awkward situation was a bit of an understatement. That is until I asked them if they were there for the fiber show (hey I know a girls fiber weekend when I see it, for damn sure). All of a sudden the tensions melted away and we were laughing and smiles almost immediately. The glitch identified, yarn fondled and it was as if I had encountered family.

But, that has always been the case with fiber peeps, right? The fiber community is so friendly and welcoming. Knitting/crocheting/spinning has always been such a strong subculture. It is like a secret handshake when you catch the eye of someone who is also knitting in the coffee shop. When I worked at the craft book publisher, they would often forecast the demise of the knitting craze. But I knew better. I knew for many of us, knitting is more than just the craft itself. The unity of the fiber community and the support it offers is a living breathing thing. What I also know is this unity is worldwide crossing so many cultural, spirtual, and political beliefs. The fiber community is such a unifier. It is one of my favorite things about my knitting. The support and friendship of the community that extends beyond our fiber work. Just recently it was 2 of my knitting peeps that were instrumental in helping us find a home and move across state.

Here at UrbanGypZ, I have worked hard to keep my business politically neutral. If you know me through my posts and pictures, you probably could easily guess this hippie girl’s political leaning. But having lived in a decidedly red state, a decidedly blue city and now a very middle of the road, politically mixed town community, I knew that political culture and strife was just not an energy I wanted to bring to my little corner of the fiber community I love. Because I love you all as a whole and what you represent and offer as a whole. I am inspired to give back that same love and acceptance in the very same way. I also see every one of you as an individual, a unique fiber artist with history and cultures and spiritual beliefs that you express through your work whether it is consciously or subsonsciously.

Being the day after the 2016 US election, I totally underestimated the weight of writing a blog post this morning, and I wanted to honor the feelings of the whole community. For UrbanGypZ that community is quite literally worldwide. So all I can do is say the fiber community has reminded me that it the community part that makes us better people. And as a part of the community I am inspired to put out there the energy and love I want to see. So thank you Fiberista for being a part of the awesome fiber community. I really love you guys and your work inspires me more than you know. And I am so very proud to be a part of this community.

Now here is some yarn p*rn…

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