Alright fiberistas. We are fast approaching the fourth of July holiday. You know what that means? Time to get a leg up on your Christmas knitting.


I get it. It is so hard to think about Christmas when the mercury is pushing into the 90s. We are 25 weeks away from you deadline. A good time frame to slowly gather supplies without breaking the bank. Really schedule a handful of super special gifts to make that you want to devote more time to.

Last year, I wrote an article about how to plan your productions schedule for your Christmas list. You can find that article here. 



I also have a long standing Pinterest board filled with knit and crocheted gift ideas.

Here are just a few other tips to help you get a head start on your gifts, so you can enjoy your holiday season this year.

Limit your big project commitment to a very select few gifts.

You can rotate the recipients out through the years. For example. Maybe only your mom and Mother in Law will get gorgeous lace shawls, next year, dad and father in law get sweaters. You loved ones understand how time consuming these projects are. and to spread them out over the years makes them that much more special.

Select some projects that are easily batch knit.

Like I mentioned in this article, you can string sock, dishcloths, hats, mittens so many small projects, really…on two circular needles. When planning your gift list, keep these projects in mind, it can save you SOOO much time.


Start thinking about your fall back plan now.

What I mean is when you are in the final stretch in December, how will you handle last minute gift obligations. For example, you could plan a weekend of gift basket building where all the baskets are very similar. Something like homemade bath products and crocheted washcloths, batches of cookies with hand painted cloth napkins, or even homemade spice blends with upcycled market bags. Go ahead and start that recipient list now. That way you can add to it as you need to.


What are you planning on knitting for Christmas gifts? Leave me a comment below.

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