Let me just say it took a ridiculous amount of time for me to round up JUST MY KNITTING NEEDLES. And I have not tackled the needles on the WIPs yet. I’ll be honest, I am kind of afraid to inventory the WIPs because I know there are quite a few   more than a few   a lot  an embarrassingly large number greater than 20.

This hot mess needs some serious attention. In the past, I have held on to my spare needles to offer when I have vended at my favorite music festival, for next to nothing. The theory being, most knitters who realize that knitting would be an awesome thing to do at a music festival, did not bring their needles. In my booth along side my yarn, I have some cheap sets so they can begin their new project while they soak in some live music. Nothing made me happier than to see other fiberistas, being able to get their creative on in such a happy inspiring setting.

It has been quite some time since I have vended, and I am still uncertain if I will vend again. I loved the travel opportunities and being able to see you guys. But often the hit to my online business was hard (I had to pull the inventory to travel, and it would take a while after a show to get thing back in place again).

My business focus has changed so much and will continue to evolve, so we will see.

That being said, I do think it is time to just let a lot of my needles go. Many I will never use, having found tools I prefer knitting with. So the grand purge will happen.

Rounding up the stuff gone astray…

I am really bad to take WIPs and tools out of the studio and not bring them back. So today I am focusing on gathering the stuff that has migrated out of my creative space. This includes a few boxes of stuff in the garage that have settled there since being unloaded from the moving truck. Keeping it light again today since I have a big deadline this week.

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