So, today I did a little straightening after the studio disaster of the week. Reclaiming my surfaces, putting together some projects to focus on for next week. Nothing too intense. I also took the day to catch up on stuff like laundry and preparing food some make ahead meals for next week. I have always thought of Fridays as light work days that can be hijacked for activities I needed to reset. I suppose it comes from days at the book publisher when we would take half day Fridays in the summer.

I spent time today really thinking about what my ideal day in the studio would look like. In every business building book I have read, along side setting your goals for your business, you also go through the exercise of deciding what an ideal day would look like. You see there is absolutely no point in setting goals if those goals require you to spend a lot of time day in and day out doing things you hate. It is super important for your own business that you have the passion and drive for the daily work to be able to make your business sustainable.

Since it is Friday, I thought I would give you my top 5 daily activities that would make up my perfect day in the studio.


1. Coffee in the morning.

On the patio reading. I do not know why this is a constant in my daily dream routine. But it is. I often start my morning with email…but in the dream scenario it is more like the newspaper or a business book. If I can find my ideal coffee shop (still looking in my new town) then I think a day or two there would work as well


2. Morning Marketing and business tasks.


I am not going to lie. I love love love marketing. it is just one more way I find my creative groove. Branding, graphics, launches, videos! I really love them all. I love finding creative ways to communicate and build an experience for visitors on my site. I am finding I am better at doing this work in the morning.


3. Lunch errands.

I am so very guilty of hermitting when I have a home studio. I really have to make myself get out of the house. It was actually not so bad when I was single. I would seek out human connection. But since I have married I am really bad to let Bruce be my default human. Lunch time errands, lunches out with friends, or just a walk on the greenway. Ideally I would do something daily to get out of the house

4. Studio play time.


Afternoons I am better with right brain activities so project art work is best left for after lunch. this is any and all fiber art work. Painting, trying new mediums.


5. Winding down with journal time.

My art journal is my filofax, and I think as the last thing i do before heading upstairs to make dinner, ideally I would spend time painting pages, and journaling the day’s events as well as to-do lists for tomorrow.

I know it sounds simplistic, but I can’t imagine what else it would be. I could even see this routine translating to working vacations. I do feel this is a 4 day a week thing, because in my dream routine, my Friday is for me.



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