Alright Y’all, I have been eating this frog for  the last few day. I have been diving deep into my current WIPs and have come out with what I am considering the projects that I am pulling out of limbo that I want to either complete, frog, or am somewhere on the fence about them and hope blogging about them with make things a bit clearer. We are talking 70+ photos y’all…


Go me.

So, here is the criteria for which WIPs are making the cut and not being frogged and put back into the stash:

Is it portfolio worthy?

Straight up, I am building my body of work. Okay, as an artist I am always building a body of work. What I mean is are these projects reflective of my current style and visual language. And if it is not, how far off are we talking? Am I just completing this shit out of guilt? Am I just worried I am not giving credence to the money/time/popularity of the project/yarn? Guilt is no reason to hold on to what is taking up room where better projects belong. And if I feel like I can not stand behind this work as a representation on me and my vision, then fuck it, I’m frogging. I know this might sound a bit extreme for a hobby. Maybe it is. Is your vision to be a fiber artist? Then it is not extreme to only want to work on stuff that is true to your vision and brand.

Do I love the yarn?

I do not mean to be a yarn snob, but if I am not loving feeling the yarn in my hands, then I should not be working with it. All that negative energy going into my work is not what I want. That being said, there are quite a few acrylic yarns that are just fine by me, as well as quite a few high end luxe fiber yarns that I hate. Colors are a big deal to me as well (duh). And my tastes in colors change. I find myself falling out of love with yarn because of color. That is actually where I find languishing stash happening. So, I have to be super vigilant about that one. Yarn culling happening next week…

Do I need it?

While I have some stuff that are showcase and art for sale pieces, there is a vast number of WIPs that are for me. Things I outright need in my closet. Things I don’t need more of? Hats, scarves and shawls. I love making them, but I have a ridiculous number of them. I really do not need more. Things I do need? Sweaters! I have been wearing out my sweaters and am behind on replacing them. Mittens, I want a couple of really good favorite mittens. Slipper socks, because I go through these pretty fast, but love love love them.

I am making a very big pile. And this week I am sharing with you all of my WIPs a few at a time with lots of details and back stories. It is a monster task, but feel so insanely good to get this knocked off the list. So I am calling this my Week of WIP Flash.

See you tomorrow when all the fun begins.

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