At some point every knitter wishes that they could knit faster. I know it is counter intuitive. I mean we are suppose to be knitting because we love love love being in the moment of creating fabric. But maybe you are under a gift making deadline, like Mother’s day {cough, cough} or trying to crank out some Christmas gifts. Or maybe you are not comfortable with so many projects languishing on the needles and want to get to the next WIP ASAP!

But whatever the reason here are my top 6 secrets to help you knit faster…

Batch Knit. Sock knitters know this trick and I even attempted to demonstrate that technique here. But why limit it to sock knitting? Here I am batch knitting some dishcloths. Knit both sleeves to your sweater at the same time. Scarves for Christmas gifts, hats for charity. Pro tip: detangle your yarn as you go!! Trust me on this…

Learn to Knit Continentally. I swear when I switched from throwing (holding yarn in right hand) to Continental (holding yarn in left hand) my speed increased exponetially. What happens is you lose the action of winding the yarn around the working needle in favor of scooping the yarn as you insert the working needle into the stitch. Now granted I have seen some very fast throwers, but they too have worked to make their movement more streamlined. Check out the awesome video tutorial from I Knit With Cat Fur


Crochet. Yep, crochet is actually a little faster than knitting. But I also do not think this is the solution for all projects. It is a personal preference, but for the most part I think sweaters look much better knit than crocheted. but crocheting is a great substitute for basic scarves, hats, market bags, and shawls.

Eliminate the seams. Norwegians do this all the time. But they also have the balls to actually CUT ARMHOLES into their intricate color work. I swoon just thinking about it… But if you are working on a pieced sweater, many designs can be converted to be worked knitting the whole body of the sweater in one big piece. Just add up the cast on stitches and work the directions for each panel as you go.

Use bigger yarn and needles. Now granted if you are working a specific pattern, you will have to be good at rocking some pattern math for this tip. But suppose you have not picked a pattern yet or maybe you are working a very forgiving project like a scarf. Then by all means, the bigger the yarn and needle, the faster that project will go.

Knit More Often. Straight up, the more you knit the faster you get at knitting.


Do you have a tip for increasing your knitting speed? Please share! Leave me a comment below or post it on the Facebook Page.

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