It was my First Q&A LIVE!

I was a nervous wreck. I had spent a week trying to decipher the technology settings, tested and tested and tested again. Crossed my fingers, and dove straight into my first live broadcast Q&A session for the Sock Art Society. Here is the replay:

And You know what? It was just fine. The only glitch being I totally screwed up my main demo…


So as promised here are some of the links I mentioned in the show notes.

Here is Lulu’s website. 

Here is a great article for tips on reinforcing and darning socks.









Here is a link to some reinforcing thread for socks


And, finally here are the books I mentioned in the broadcast. The reprint of the Barbara Walker stitch pattern book is different from the one I held up. The info inside is the same.

I have already scheduled the next Q&A LIVE!
Sunday April 19th @ 3pm EDT

Reserve your spot here!

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