Let me just say it is time for me to quit using the move as an excuse for not putting my nose to the grindstone and get my ass into the studio. I have been itching to finally be unencumbered, feed all the inspirations I have been amassing for months and make stuff. Technically I have set up the art studio. Fiber art, painting, journaling, soul work, reworking my business….all the creative stuff that I just love love love.

I grab my coffee, grab my motivational essential oils, head into my fabulous new space. And immediately am hit with this

Yikes! I mean this was the space just a couple of month ago

WTH happened?

I can handle a little bit of mess, because it is the nature of creatives to be a little messy. But this hot mess is an issue. Straight up, this mess is in the way of my being able to make art. And making art means business is happening. Business needs to happen for me to make a living. And to be honest, there are other business management things behind the scenes that need tweeking as well. It is counter intuitive to systemize creative work. But systems offer freedom to focus on the art projects at hand.

As we approach a shiny new year, I want to be able to start fresh with art and inspirations and flow. And because I also want to dive deeper into my blogging practice, I decided I would push myself with a nice little 31 day challenge to prepare my artist self to thrive in 2017.

Starting tomorrow, December 1, I am beginning the 31 Day Studio Awesome Challenge.


Studio Awesome Core Goals

To make sure I am not wasting time willy nilly with my tasks, I have come up with some core goals I want to focus on over the next 31 days. I am not just talking clean-your-room goals, I want my art business to be more efficient and poised to grow to meet my 1/3/5/10 year goals. So the Studio Awesome Challenge goals for the next 31 days are:

  • Manage inventory (oy…this is huge)
  • Rework space for new biz focus (I am so excited about the new stuff coming next year…gotta make some room)
  • Systems in place for beginning of year (Streamlining to be able to spend more time creating)
  • Happy space to grow my work (an inspirational comfortable place to make art is a big deal)
  • Blogging daily for 31 days (I am sharing a big fat behind the scenes on how I work, and offer some tips and resources that will hopefully help you grow your art too)

The Master Task List

I have a nice clean list of 31 tasks. The reality is, I could totally add more tasks to this list. Looking through the list, some tasks are very small and will take very little time. Things unpacking the rest of my books, and hanging some art in the bathroom. Other tasks, like migrating my accounting/inventory system will take WAY LONGER. I am going to stick to a task a day at least for blog purposes, allowing some of the bigger tasks to bleed into other days. At least for now…we’ll see how it goes.

So tomorrow, ya’ll! I am rolling up the sleeves, and diving right in.

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