Fourteen years ago, I was at the counter of Earth Guild while the cashier rung up my purchases for the day. I am not even sure what the purchase was…probably yarn… Or knitting needles. There was a little jar holding a collection of orafice hooks for sale and I thought to myself, ” Wow, hand spinning seems like such a waste of effort”

Mmmmmm… That crow is tasty.

Or how about the time I totally dissed weaving while walking through the Southern Highlands Craft Guild show. “That chunk weaving…pfft. How completely impractical is that coarsely woven fabric?”


I could almost predict exactly the direction my work will take by the things I swear I will never do. Art journaling, soul art, hand knit lace shawls, crochet afghans are all things I swore I would never do. At this rate, crocheted bathroom accessories and hand knit adult onesies are bound to be in my future. I find that the very thing I notice enough to assess and cast judgements, are the very things I am drawn to enough to become tiny seeds in my subconscious. Those seeds hold just enough fascination to remain in my awareness, regardless of being nestled inside all kinds negative reaction.

According to Carolyn Mein, author of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, every “negative” emotion has a positive flip side. For example the flip side of greif is joy, the flip side of self doubt is confidence.  So, when it comes to a these art techniques, at some point an a-ha moment flips those doubts into possibilities. The way I see it, If I have such a negative reaction to something, that very thing has the potential to be something I will love.

So, with that being said, when looking for creative inspiration, it is worth giving what you hate another look see. I have never been a fan of  salmon pinkish orange. That was until I paired it with my absolute favorite color, deep turquoise. This color happened to be on the exact opposite side of the color wheel as the hideous salmon color. And when paired together, that salmon color made my favorite color look even more vibrant. Now it is my go to color pairing and the starting point for many of my favorite colorways.

So my question for you is. What is repulsing you?

I don’t mean things or techniques you find “meh”. What is giving you a visceral gut reaction that makes your head scream “No f***king way”? Within that reaction is a potential passion. Actually there is already a passion there, it is just waiting to be flipped.

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