I am working on some projects for an upcoming arm knitting book. I’l be honest, arm knitting was not something on my radar until I got the call from a friend who needed to fill in some spots on a project book. In case you have not heard of it either, it is an interesting concept, although very restricted in what you can make. Truth be told, it is not something this yarn snob would even consider. But being that this was a job thing, I dove into all things arm knitting and set about hammering out details of how I would design my designated projects.

Let me just say this was not the first time I have been humbled by fiber tools and methods that normally would fall into a toy craft category.

I have found so many creative possibilities when I have embraced toy looms and Babrie knitting machines, why not arm knitting.

Here’s the thing, I think toy tools and methods simplify the methods, while at the same time providing a design challenge to stretch your creative thinking. For example, rigid heddle looms are a super simplified loom. By stripping away the multi harnesses, you are left to focus on yarn texture for patterning as opposed to drafts. A saori loom is similar. The warping has been simplified to allow the weaver to focus on the actual act or weaving the weft. A knitting loom strips away the fiddling with needles freeing you up to focus on creating fabric.


So diving into arm knitting, I had was limited in the shaping I could execute, so I have to stretch my creative construction skills. I got to use my yarn combining skills, as well as explore ideas for yarn alternatives. And because arm knitting is all things über chunky, I also gained new knowledge about what kind of yarn and shape works with fat stitches.

Your creativity is more than the tools you use. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love me some high end needles and cushy luxe yarn. Your creativity is all about how you problem solve. Problems being, finding language with color, texture, shape, and aesthetic. Overcoming limitations to create a look you want, stretches that creativity often forcing you to seek new solutions and maybe even finding a new path.


So what kinds of “toy” tools and methods have you explored or would like to explore. Leave me some comment love, or head over to the FB page and join the conversation.



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