I Love My Essential Oils

Here are the WHY, WHAT, WHICH and HOW I use them


I love me some essential oils.

Born out of my love of all things herbal, I have used essential oils for more than 20 years making my own bath salts, pillow sprays, perfumes and salves. It was not just another creative outlet for me. I also use them to support me mentally, emotionaly, and physically. Things like supporting my hormones as I go through some changes, support my aging skin, and help me through a lifetime struggle with digestion. Essential oils have even helped me manange the stress of selling my house and moving across the state. And just when I thought I couldn’t love my oils any more than I do, I have found ways essential oils can help me make better art.

Crazy. I know.

Here’s the thing, as an artist there is a surprising amount of time living in self doubt, working through creative blocks, becoming brave enough to share my work, evaluating my self worth, and actually having to put a price on my work, and finding a way to grow art into business without feeling like a sell out. Yep, those are some hefty emotionally charged issues. But you know what, all is doable with essential oils paired with art journaling. I have and continue to grow my work and business in ways I never dreamed I’d reach. I will totally share exactly how I am doing this. First, Let me fill you in on what I have been up to these last couple of years.

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My Oily Story

How I got Started With Essential Oils and Why


Most people know UrbanGypZ as the yarn business in Asheville. And for 6 years I built that yarn business to be pretty respectable, mostly selling online, on consignment in yarn stores and at fiber festivals and indie craft fairs. It was hard work, but I was having fun making a modest income with my passion. I had a difficult but doable plan to grow UrbanGypZ to be bigger and more sustainable. But as I moved to grow the business, I realized I was not happy. I felt I was no longer spending the day doing what I really wanted to do. I loved dyeing yarn, but what I really wanted to do was make art. My yarn had always been geared toward helping artist express themselves with unique and edgy colors and textures. But ironically I was not finding the time to make that art myself.

I was ready to build my body of work, and had absolutely no time or energy to do so.

It was time for me to re think my business focus. If I didn’t take the leap to make my art now, then when? I could feel that passion bubble up, I needed to rethink my plan. With all the planning and exploring my true passions and new path, what also bubbled up were some pretty scary emotional blocks around self worth, and finding my voice.

Around that same time, We had decided to sell our house and move across state in search of better career focused jobs for my husband, Bruce. Asheville had become quite the tourist destination, driving up the cost of living, while driving away career-focused jobs. Artists like us were finding it harder to survive in town. However, fortunately the value of our house, in a trendy part of town, had gone up. So with the help of a family vacation pad in town we started the 18 month process of moving into the condo, fixing up our tiny house, looking for work out of town, and putting the house on the market. Did I mention my business was changing?

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Read about the purity of the oils I use. 

Is it any surprise I wasn’t sleeping? Sure, it could have something to do with my 50 year old hormones…or the stress… or both. I found myself using more and more of my trusty retail essential oils. So much more that I was having some respiratory problems when I used them. Ugh! So, I googled. And I learned about the different grades of oils. I learned that not all oils labeled pure were actually…you know…pure. With any essential oil labeled “pure” or even “therapeutic grade” the FDA only requires that essntial oil to have just 5% of the actual plant essential oil. The rest can be filler like chemical solvents commonly used to extract the oil, or a cheaper carrier oil to dilute the oil. Or even worse yet, a fragrance oil to help boost the scent of that essential oil. It was those kinds of fillers that I was having a reaction to.

How do you know what is in your oil? How do you know who is using a filler oil?

Years ago someone had given me small bit of Thieves oil to help support my respiratory system. It was amazing. It smelled amazing, and I saw quick results. When I went to find it, I saw Thieves was part of an MLM company, Young Living, and thought “NO WAY”. I had had a bad experience with another MLM company in the past where I was stuck with a lot of expensive product that gave me a rash and was not going to buy from a high pressure direct salesperson ever again. After searching and searching, I had found some other versions of Thieves oils, even some handcrafted by an herbalist. But none of them worked tthe way that Thieves oil form Young Living worked.

So there I was, bone weary, stressed, not sleeping, about to embark into the unknown with my business, and leave a fading art community that had become a part of my creative identity. Oh and selling the house on top of that. As I googled for essential oils that were the real deal, like that bottle of Thieves, I found a few companies that fit the bill and of course they were MLMs…ugh. But I noticed they claimed there were no obligations to do the business. Weary, but desparate I thought I could test a few oils to replace the ones I had been using.

In my research, I had noticed some of my business master mind group were working the MLM. But get this, unlike the MLM I had been in before, the start up cost was a really cool kit of oils and a diffuser I would probably buy anyway(at a great price) and these women were all using the very same marketing techniques I was already using for the yarn business. WOW. I could get the oils and kit I wanted, AND free business coaching I could easily translate to my art business as well. Heck yeah I am in.

I would be solving TWO of my issues
with ONE magical little kit of oils and a diffuser. 

I spent a week looking at teams wth two competeing companies. I looked at who was working online successfully and that I resonated with. I looked at the different oils offered by each company and their philosopies on sustainability.
In the end, I pick a company that had a vast selection of blends that I knew I could use, that had easy-to-find information on how they grow, manufacture, and test their oils. And I picked a team that had the most online accessible training available for me with a super cool branding ( it appealed to the old graphic designer in me…), and a robust supportive team. I picked the most successful team member and signed up using her member number.

My Young Living Premium Starter Kit arrived 2 weeks later.

I had added on a couple of blends that seemed to resonate with my current needs. And honestly, I have not stopped diffusing my oils since that first day in April of 2015. Over the next 3 years I would learn and learn and learn not just about how to use my oils, but dive into some challenging and thorough self development, business coaching and marketing strategies that help me find direction for UrbanGypZ. I have a million stories of how just diffusing my oils helped so far. Here are some of my favorites:

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Humility helped me face some of the hard lessons I experienced through all the awesome the business coaching.

Oola Family helps me navigate those tricky holiday visits with love, grace, fun and patience.

Inner Child opened up my art to the visual language I did not know I had. The last 3 years have been my most prolific ever.

What couple doesn’t fight when going through the rigors of selling a house? I swear the blend Joy saved our marriage.

Just a simple act of diffusing some relaxing Lavender or Stress Away helped me let go of the monkey mind that was causing so much health-crushing stress.

As we road-tripped across state to an interview for Bruce, we diffused Valor in the car to help him put his best foot forward.

I set up my diffuser in our house for sale, self conscious of the less than perfect kitchen in desperate need of a remodel. I diffused Envision and Into The Future hoping they would see the possibilities of my fixer-upper instead ot so much lack. It worked! We had bidding war over our house within a week.

Clarity and Common Sense helped us decide on a new neighborhood (and we totally picked a neighborhood I would have never guessed I would love)

I started combining essential oils with my art journaling as I bagan to really think about the new direction for my business. Hope and Transformation were my go to oils for this process, as well as appropriate oils for emotions that would bubble up as I journaled.

Release and Surrender helped me let go of the anger, bring me back to center, and find really good compromise as we went through the maddening process of the home inspection and negotiations.

I could go on. And I will continue to share…

Because this journey using essential oils is just that … a journey.

New challenges and inspirations will come up and I have essential oils as solid tool in my protocol to help me process, move forward, and change.

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How I Oil

Of course, my diffuser is my favorite way to use oils. I will often diffuse an oil that matches my mood in the same way I select music to set the mood of a room.   I have a diffuser in nearly every room of my house. I even have one in my car. I love wearing essential oils on my clay diffuser necklases when I am on the go.

I also love making my my own beauty stuff. It is like an outlet for creativity to combine single oils making my own blends for bath salts, balms, and creams. I also like to build signiture oil perfumes with my essential oils. I find it interesting that the oils I select for my perfume blends are often close to what I need on an emotional level.

You can also ingest some essential oils, although this method is historically contriversial. Young Living has a line of oils  generally recognised as safe (GRAS) for ingestion and FDA-compliantly labeled as such. This is particularly good if I am using oils to support digestion or my immune system. But the ingestable Vitality line is also good for cooking.

In a pinch I also like to apply the oils neat. I carry a case of no less that 12 essential oils with me. What I carry, depends on what I anticipate or currently need for the week. I will also use my oils as I make art, matching an oil with the overall feeling I want to convey visually. I would have to say 75% of the time I am just diffusing essential oils because I just love the way they smell. 

There really is such an endless number of ways to use essential oils. Remember how hesitant I was to get my oils from an MLM? That same MLM has provided so much information for using essential oils through private resources, classes, workshops, FB groups, webinars, and even a big convention. I have not even scratched the surface of the retreats (hello…animal care seminar on a gorgeous farm in Utah? or how about beauty school on a cruise). Buying my essential oil from the health food store never provided me with any more than a single reference book at the display.

So yeah… you might say I have joined the essential oil cult. I am ok with that. I smell awesome, have easily handled what ever stress has come my way in the last 2 years, have grown my art abilities in ways I never dreamed I had in me, and I have a new network of oil enthusiasts that help me learn exactly what I need or want to know. I said yes to an essential oil culture.

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