My friend, Lulu, lives in New York City. We send each other texts and pictures of our days. A couple of years ago she sent me two pictures that she snapped at fashion week. They were blurry, tiny, and I could not see a thing. But the colorful vibe and the sense of being somewhere completely exciting totally came through loud and clear. Oh, how I wanted to transport myself right through my iPhone to be right there ooooing and ahhhhing over all that fashion. {{{le sigh}}} One day. It is on my bucket list.

So, back here in AnytownUSA, I have noticed the trend for chevrons/zigzag patterns are going strong for a couple of years now. So retro 70s look, but with a hipster bohemian vibe.

A couple of years ago, Missoni launched an affordable line at Target. It was ridiculously popular. So popular, they crashed the website at target snapping up the signature zigzag fashions and housewares.

So that zigzag pattern? I could totally knit that.

In fact the chevron knit pattern is one of my favorite ways to combine both hand painted and handspun yarns. It is ideal for long running variegated yarn like anything Noro, some Mochi, or  handspun 2ply. It is a terrific for stash busting. Simple enough for an evening at Stitch and bitch (even with a glass or two of wine).

This book is awesome. I have this book. Zigzag stitches like chevron stitches. Or ripple stitches like feather and fan stitch or shale stitch. Both for knitting and crochet.

Grab your needles or hooks, ya’ll. Here are some resources for you:

A quick ravelry search for “chevron” or “zigzag” turned up dozens of patterns. But here are some quick ravelry links to some of my favorites:

Chevron-Love Hat

Chevron Pullover

Chevron-Love Mittens

Chevron Cowl

Chevron Top

Zig Zag Arm Warmers

Zig Zag Wrap

Zig Zag Jacket

Zig Zag Pullover

Zig Zag Dress

Zig Zag Skirt

Do you have a chevron pattern that I should know about?  Leave me a comment below, or on the Facebook page. Or email me a link.

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