Ask any serious knitter, and they will ALL agree…fiber arts can be a slippery slop into crafting ADHA. Knitting leads to spinning leads to dyeing leads to felting leads to weaving. It seems that there is always a new and more interesting technique just around the corner. And because the fiber art community is such a tight knit group online, it is easy to get caught up in the frenzy of wanting to try them all!! Heck, just this blog makes me a serious enabler.

This week in the Fiber Arts Collective, Helen mentioned her struggle to resist picking up weaving(I guilty of trying to enable her with my seductive art weaving videos). And I too, spent months anguishing over dropping a couple of Benjamins on a new loom for a craft I was not sure I would love. I also spent an entire weekend researching alternatives to a rigid heddle loom. And there are quite a few out there. So today I give you a few links to get your DIY on instead of buying a bunch of new equipment.

You can spend a week looking through all the fiber equipment DIYs on Pinterest. And yes as far as getting started carding/spinning/weaving this will save you in equipment that you might not end up using long term. But just know, I have yet to have a DIY solution work smoother and more efficiently than getting real equipment. So try the DIY and if you are feeling the love, then start saving up, and combing for used equipment like here and here. Or just buy the equipment new. Fiber art equipment, when kept in good working condition, does not depreciate. Seriously, most used equipment is not that much cheaper than new. Unless of course you find someone who has no clue what to charge for what they found in their attic. That alone is worth keeping an eye on craigslist. It is how I got my $50 4-harness vintage table loom. If you decide to resell, you will get your money back, and even in some cases be able to charge a hair more than what you paid for it.

Do you have a method you have been dying to try, but have held back because of the equipment cost? Leave me a comment below. And if you like this article, please share this on social media.

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