So, today, Fiberista, I have a new video for you.

I was looking through some old posts trying to think of what we would talk about today and I found this post where I shared a video of my art journal. Can you believe that was 6 weeks ago? I have to say, my journal has evolved so much since then. Not just as a work art in and of itself, but in relationship to how much work I have done in the last 6 weeks.

Ever since art school, art journaling has been hands down the best way for me to stay creative, process ideas for my work, and keep details as I work. Here is an updated video of my journal today, and some of the work it has inspired in the last 6 weeks.

I can kind of feel my momentum taking a tiny dip and I really want to keep it going. So I am challenging myself during the month of April to work my art journal daily for 30 days. I am going to post the work daily to Instagram, and will be using the hashtag #30daysartjournaling. Feel free to join in!


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