Update on that Art Yarn Scarf

Update on that Art Yarn Scarf

So, Last week I made a video showing you how to use a hairpin lace loom to make an art yarn scarf. If you missed that check it out here. Once the camera was off and as the video loaded, I started to mull over ideas for finishing this scarf. And of course as is the norm for my ambitious right brain….this project has mushroomed and is now threatening to become a shawl.

My latest color jam has been light warm neutrals(beige, cream, light warm grey) punctuated with hot pink and orange. So I pulled out some screaming hot sock yarn and crocheted an edge, putting a cluster of 3 double crochets into each of the loops. I almost left it as is, but decided that I needed to flesh out the color pop just a little more, maybe asymmetrically…

But first I decided to pull together some coordinating yarns to see if maybe I would prefer keeping the pops thin as I added some width to this piece. So far these are the yarns going into this project bag…

So some of the theories behind this selection. I added another hot pink yarn is a slightly different tone and texture. I am not sure if this will end up in the piece or not, but I think there needed to be a bridge between the stark contrast from the super bright and the neutrals. I don’t want there to be too much pink here, but it needed something else. I am also picking the variegated neutral with a little dark grey for depth and little blush pink as a nod to that hot pink. This I feel will be a big part of the shawl/scarf. But we will see. I also pulled together as much handspun using undyed fleece as I had. I needed to play up what was already in the piece, but find some smoother textures. I am also adding the tiny bit of beige-grey worsted that I have. This will draw out the grey Montedale in the art yarn. Not pictured, but I may add it in is an undyed skein of alpaca/merino/silk yarn to round out the creamy white neutrals.

I will keep you posted as to where this is going. But can I just say…OMG this is the first new fiber art piece I have felt compelled to dive into after a long hiatus to work on my new clay obsession. So what are you working on? leave me some comment love below, or shoot me an email. You guys inspire me more than you know.

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Crocheting with Art Yarn

Crocheting with Art Yarn

Today fiberista, I am giving a shout out to all the right brained Crocheters. I know it can seem as if they are the red headed step children when it comes to cool crochet resources that aren’t this:


Ok I exaggerate because there are awesome patterns out there. A quick browse through my Pinterest boards and you will see MANY of them indeed are crochet.


But there is not a whole lot of info for crocheting with wild art yarn. The structure of a crochet stitch is just not meant to show of the intricacies of a very textural art yarn.

So today Fiberista, I am going to share with you one technique which I think is hands down THE way to crochet that crazy art yarn AND maintain your ability to actually SEE the details of your hand spun art. I made you a video.

So, tell me. Do you have a favorite crochet method for crocheting with handspun art yarn? Leave me some moment love below. and as always, if you love this blog post, then please share. xo

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Gift Knitting Like A Boss

Gift Knitting Like A Boss


Fiberistas, Break out the stash, It is that time of year again. Time to make your list, check it, and the stash, twice.

We are officially just shy of 6 months from Christmas.

If you are like me, you are gonna want to do what you can to offset any of the normal holiday stress, gift those hand knits like a boss, and actually drink that spiked eggnog for recreation not therapy.

Fiberista, It is time to do some planning…

No worries. I got you.

Today, I give you the UrbanGypZ’s Guide to Slaying Holiday Gift Knitting Like a Boss.

First, here is a post detailing my very best left brain system for out right making a production schedule for this years Holiday knitting.

10 Steps to Beat Overwhelm: Christmas gift Ideas to start knitting NOW!!!

And here is another post with some additional tips for you to work faster, and prevent overwhelm.

Tis the season: Plan your Christmas knitting NOW!

Even though we are almost 6 months out, here are some tips to help you knit faster.

Six Secrets You Should Know If You Want To Knit Faster

I also keep a running Pinterest Board with insanely cool gift ideas to knit/crochet and even felt.

This year Fiberista, I dug deep within my OCD and have made a holiday planner just for your knitting projects!!! It is a free download.

So make that list, check it twice and go make some art to share this year. By all means if there is a project you think I need to add to my Pinterest board, leave me a comment below with a link if you have one and I will make sure it gets pinned in the Merry Knitmas Board.

UrbanGypZ's FREE Gift Like A Boss Holiday Planner

Something I made to help you get your shit together and slay your holiday gift knitting like a boss.

Get the FREE planner

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Creative Ways for Working with Handmade Yarn

Creative Ways for Working with Handmade Yarn

Working with hand dyed and handspun yarn can be a pain in the ass. I get it! When I was selling handed yarn it was the one question I was asked the most often…What can I make with this.

It is one thing to fall in love with an interesting yarn, an another thing altogether trying to find a patter that will work with it. And if the yarn is handmade chances are there is only a small amount of it. Maybe even not enough for much of a project.

For the last 10 years I have been studying ways to work with the handmade yarns that I love so much. It was a way to provide resources to my yarn customers. But it also is a way for right brain knitters/crocheters to find creative expression painting with yarn. I have written what I call anti-patterns that were created with handmade yarns in mind. So here are my best anti patterns, knitting theories and creative techniques to help you use your handpainted and handspun yarn into fiber art.

Studio Awesome Challenge Day 24: WIPs I am on the fence about

Studio Awesome Challenge Day 24: WIPs I am on the fence about

There is another pile in the WIP stash that is way larger than I would like. And to be honest, I am using this blog post to really suss out my feelings about each.

Now I know everyone is going to have an opinion about saving the projects I am about to list. And while I appreciate the input, just know in the end I am really just going to go with my gut.

So, here is the list of the not-so-sures

The DOT shawl

Love the pattern, love the yarn base, even love the color (my own hand dyed sock single)That is until I try to wear this shawl and realize it the same color as the vests the DOT wear when fixing the roads in traffic. I may over dye this one. Not sure.

I am not even sure what this is

I think it is a traveling woman shawl and my hand dyed seacell sock. Love the pattern and how the yarn is knitting up. But I just don’t think I would really wear this. Maybe a different shawlette? I really do not need more shawlettes…

The weird hoodie shawl thing

I want to love this pattern. And actually, I kind of do love it. But for what ever reason this looks weird on me. Not sure what it is. It is something in the wrap part. It is too small a circumference maybe? Or the width is wrong. I may just from it and redo the wrap part to be open ended. This is a stashbuster using primarily my hand dyed worsted weight yarn.

The traveling shawl from hell

This was the product of a Ravelry group I belonged to. How this was supposed to happen: everyone in this round robin group picks a shawl and ships it along with instructions, supplies and a notebook. Each member works a little on everyone’s shawls and before passing it on to the next person. What ended up happening: People were not mailing shawls. Plus my entrelac shawl was too confusing for some. Hell happened when I received a shawl that reeked of smoke. Since I received it directly from the shawl’s original owner, I did not feel I could say anything. I worked as much as I could stand (after airing it out for 3 days, and hitting it with fabreeze) and passed it on. However the next knitter in line was pregnant and chastised me for smoking around someone’s shawl (I do not smoke). The owner of the smoky shawl swore on a stack of bibles she did not smoke. WTH?!?!? I dropped that group like a hot potato. I got my shawl back mid round. It was a hot mess and missing about half my supplies. I am still damaged by the whole incident. So, do I finish and infuse the project with my own good mojo? Or rip it back and repurpose the yarn? I’m torn. It is made with my hand dyed sock yarn.

The sweater that worked in theory

This is another one of those genius construction sweaters that is knit in the round side to side using short rows. I still think this construction could work, if I can get the gauge right. The gauge is hard to resolve on this kind of sweater. And what the hell was I thinking with these ridiculous clown buttons?

The reality behind one of my favorite images.

I have used this image all over my branding. It is this kind of painting with yarn that is at the core of my creative message. But the truth is that is it a failed vest design. There is a problem with the arm holes. They are in the wrong place and the wrong size and construction. I think the fix for this project is to unravel the arm edging and graft the holes close making this a circular shawl.

Another Clapotis

Okay, I may have to frog this one. I might not have enough yarn to finish it. It is the discontinued Suede yarn from Berroco. Love the color and drape. But I will definitely be bummed if I don’t have enough to finish. I think I did have enough at one time. Not sure at what point I lost the rest. The pattern is here.

One of the 471 leafy shawlette patterns

I am not sure which one of the dozens of leaf edged shawls this is, but I will know it when I see it. I love the look of the shawl but not sure it I will wear it. Love how my hand dyed silk/merino is working up in this pattern. Not sure if I will finish this, but I do think this yarn is best suited to some pattern exactly like this. I am just not sure what I will do.

The 20 year sweater

No lie I have been trying to recreate this sweater for almost 20 years. As in notes on recreating this sweater are from my first knitting class in Birmingham in 1997. And it seems like I have successfully recreated the back although in a different(better) stitch. Love the yarn (Elisabeth Lavold) love the sweater, but is it something I would wear today? Am I too middle aged to pull off a bolero? Yes folks, I just admitted I actually may have aged out of one of my WIPs…

I know the point of a studio purge was to not be on the fence about WIPs. What can I say, I guess 9 out of 80 is an improvement…

Tomorrow We are looking at the perpetual WIPs.


Joining me in the 31 Day Studio Awesome Challenge?

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How to Read Japanese Crochet Patterns

How to Read Japanese Crochet Patterns

We all know how popular boho crochet is right now. Did you know some of the best boho crochet patterns are actually Japanese crochet patterns? Yep.

 Some of the most gorgeously crochet patterns I have seen are from some of my favorite Japanese pattern books


I mean look at these


How cute is this


or this


OMG this


And who can’t resist these über cute amigurumi?


Do I know how to read Japanese? Nope. But luckily these patterns are super easy to figure out.

For the most part they are charted. And you can easily get away with only knowing a few easily memorized Japanese characters. I am such a big fan of these patterns. Many of them also contain quite a few knitting patterns as well. It seems the pattern books lump crochet and knitting into the same categories, so it is not unusual to find both in any pattern book. The knitting patterns are charted in the same fashion. I know a little odd at first to be knitting from a chart like this, but honestly if you have ever done any color work it is very similar.

So here are some of my favorite resources for reading Japanese patterns:

There is a huge active Ravelry group. This group is wonderful for finding pattern resources, charts for reading the symbols and a super active forum to help you with any questions you might have.

Pinterest boards. First…set aside a full afternoon to get stuck in the Pinterest rabbit hole. Grab your coffee, and go here. Your welcome.

I have bought most of my Japanese pattern books on ETSY.

Here is a great chart for some of the basic terms translated along with some wonderful tips for reading the chart.

Japanese needles are not metric, they are a whole different thing altogether. Here are charts for the needle and hook sizes.

The measurements ARE metric. I use this conversion app for my iPhone. You can also use this site to convert the measurements.

Here is a great tutorial on reading crochet charts if you have not tried it before.

Here is another excellent tutorial series on reading Japanese patterns.

When in doubt just do what seems logical. Yes, there will be areas that you do not quite understand the pattern. Yes, you may have to rip out a few rows. Just breath. Embrace the wabi sabi. Ask questions in the Ravelry group. Trust that you will know how to proceed, regardless.

Have you tried Japanese patterns? Do you have a favorite resource? Please share it in the comments below or in the FB page. If you like this post please please please share it with your friends.


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