Vlogmas Week 1: I Made An Art Yarn Scarf

Vlogmas Week 1: I Made An Art Yarn Scarf

I love making videos. It involves all the things I loved about graphic design and but with more dimension. I knew taking on YouTube’s vlogmas challenge would be …well…challenging. Vlogmas  is where vloggers post daily vlog videos to their channels from Dec1-Christmas day. I am already one week in and I have to say filming, editing and posting has gotten a whole lot smoother. But, not without all kinds of glitches and a call to Tech Support. I consider those battle scars.

Vlogmas is also forcing me to be accountable when it comes to carving out creative time. It is so easy to let the admin side of running a creative business take over. This week, in response to a question I had in the fiber art collective FB group (join us here!) I decided to share how I use my 2.5dpi heddle to make an art yarn warped scarf. I also shared some behind the scenes of from the clay studio and my sketchbook hashing out a new piece.

So, if you are not subscribed to my You tube channel, you can do so here. Other wise here are this weeks Vlogmas videos.


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Vlogmas Weave-O-Rama: Let’s do this

Vlogmas Weave-O-Rama: Let’s do this

I am fired up you guys. And it is thanks to you.

Many of you remember last year I took December to organize my new studio and blogged everyday about it. I love challenges like this, so I am doing it again. But, this time, Fiberistas, you guys have inspired me to go video and participate in YouTube’s Vlogmas challenge. I love video, and you guys have indicated that you find it super helpful.

If you are not familiar, Vlogmas is an annual YouTube event were YouTubers upload a video daily through the month of December leading up to Christmas. Am I crazy? Totally. And yes it is going to be quite the challenge. But for me I need to challenge myself to streamline my editing. That Asheville week video? I have been editing it for 3 days because I ramble so freaking much. You would die if you could see the footage that never makes it into the actual video. Gotta get concise. And I also need to streamline my editing process. Practice makes perfect.

Vlogging has helped me really see my work and process for what it is and as well as what it is not. And It has also helped me connect with you guys more. From what I hear in the comments and emails, it is helping you make art. THAT is insanely exciting for me. So lets do this! I am in.

So for the month of December I am vlogging a daily weaving related video. I say “related” because I do think there is more to weaving than being at the loom. And I think it is important to share the whole process.Get ready, I will start December 1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notices when those videos go live.

In the mean time here are some of the fiber art weaving like videos I have made so far.

When fiber becomes your obsession

When fiber becomes your obsession

I woke up this morning with art on my mind…I was obsessed with potholder looms

Yep…Potholder. Looms.

You know the kind you use to make those girl scout craft potholder, that uses loops of knit fabric. I imagine for many of us it was the first kind of weaving we ever did. For me it was not so much about the potholders as much as it was about the small loom and all the other possibilities I was imagining I could create on the little 7x7 loom. This has been an idea festering in my head for months now, and I was sick of not acting on it.

Okay maybe it was a little bit about the pot holders…

I love the asymmetrical designs that remind me of Gee’s Bend Quilts.

So after my day of pot holder obsession, I began to play with some possibilities working yarn on the little loom. Now I know it seems counter intuitive that I am moving away from say a table or floor loom. Here are some of the reasons I am actually looking to go with a smaller loom as opposed to moving to a bigger more complex loom.

I hate warping. The bigger and more complex the loom, the longer it takes to warp. In fact once you get to something like an 8 heddle floor loom, you could easily spend more time warping a loom than actually weaving. Now granted a Saori loom does have a feature that allows one to easily warp their loom by using a rewound warp and changing out the removable beam. And there are also tricks of tying a new warp onto the end of the old and advancing the ties through the heddles. But for the most part. I am just not a fan.

Looms are expensive. Maybe when my profit margins are bigger, I might consider a bigger loom. And in terms of teaching others to weave, it just makes more sense to help others find their art without such a hefty financial commitment.

Art weaving is best in small doses. This is totally my opinion. My short stubby body can not pull off too much lock spun without looking like Fred Flintstone. If I want art weaving to be a focal point, the best way to do that is by surrounding it with a contrast of smoother textures.

Instant gratification, diving deeper into study. My ceramics teacher recently said, “When you get an idea, exhaust it. Don’t just make it once, make it 10, 20, 30 times. Explore it deeply.” YES! This. When you do a technique just once, it remains just that. A technique. When you do it over and over and over again, each time you are adding you own style to what you are making. It becomes your art. Working on a smaller loom takes way less time to to finish a piece than a length of cloth. You can blow through a series in no time. I find myself flush with new ideas when I am working with smaller weavings.

A different approach to construction. Nothing makes me want to drink wine more than having to cut fiber art. And If I am making yardage of hand woven cloth for a garment, that is exactly what I would have to do. In my reference library, most of the garment books specific to hand woven cloth spend a lot of time constructing garments with the least amount of cuts possible. I have been toying with ways to piece a garment as you would in freeform crochet of working with granny squares.


So, this week I am working through the quirks of this loom, exploring different ways to warp, different ways to finish. I am really hating the gap of “teeth” in the corners. But once the square is off the loom, It seems to close up naturally. I can feel this frustration dampening that fiber obsession with my pot holder loom, just a little bit. So I am looking for a win to get me back in the drive. And that is what fiber obsession really is, a drive.

So what is rocking your creative juices right now? what are you working on? You know I love to hear about your work. It inspires me so much. Leave me a comment below, or head over the the FB page and/or FB group(Sign up below!) and share your work.

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Studio Awesome Challenge Day 27: Weaving and other fibery WIPs

Studio Awesome Challenge Day 27: Weaving and other fibery WIPs

Like my spinning WIPs, the weaving WIPs for the most part are just a freeform, on going kind of thing. I do however have a couple of projects.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post this is my current working bin.

By no means is this the only yarn I am using on my current weavings. I tend to collect bits and toss them here.I do have just a couple of weaving projects in the WIPs

The lap loom prototype

This is another project under deadline. Consider this a sneak peek at a live one-day workshop coming to my LYS as soon as I nail down this prototype.

Hand woven zippered pouches.

If only I can get the materials for thes 2 zippered pouches in the same place at once. In fact, the woven part of one of these is actually missing. I have bought zippers and lining material TWICE. GRRRR. It will come together eventually.

The other fibery art I am just starting to dive into is felt. I intend to use some of my vast collection of fleece in projects. Both wet and needle felting is slated for studio time in 2017. I am really exploring the idea of nuno felt scarves, as well as some hats and slippers.

So, there it is the fibery WIPs all catalogued and ready for storage. I am in the home stretch of the studio re organization and purge. I would love to say I am in the middle of a nice neat space, but honestly it appears to be a hot mess worse than before. But It is all over the place because I am mid organizing it all. Okay…we are gonna finish strong… WOOT!

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Art Weaving: Finishing with a Hemstitch and Twisted Fringe

Art Weaving: Finishing with a Hemstitch and Twisted Fringe

Today, I have a video demo for you! (woot!) It was a question that came up in the Fiber art collective…How do I finish my art weaving? let me first say, there are probably dozens of ways to finish your piece once it is ready to come off the loom. In this video I am going to show you how I finish most of my scarves and shawls…pieces that I will use as lengths of fabric to wear as is.

So, my question for you…What are your favorite finishing techniques for art weaving? leave me a comment below. And if you like this video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and share this post on you favorite social media.

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