Vlogmas Week 2: Behind the scenes of a fiber art business

We are officially halfway through vlogmas!! woo!

I am not gonna lie. It has been challenging. Even though my editing skills have improved ten fold, it is an extra chunk of time out of my work day (and even my off days). But the connections with you guys have been great, and reminds me why I am doing this. You guys inspire me so much.

This week was my annual planning time. And while it is not sexy or artsy, it is super important. Not just for my bottom line, but to ensure my work grows in tandem with the goals that I have for my fiber art. It always surprises me how much the business of being an artist is only 50% actually making art. Then again, building an art business is a creative project in and of itself.

So here are this weeks videos that give a little peak behind the scenes of what it means to have an art business.

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Vlogmas Week 1: I Made An Art Yarn Scarf

I love making videos. It involves all the things I loved about graphic design and but with more dimension. I knew taking on YouTube’s vlogmas challenge would be …well…challenging. Vlogmas  is where vloggers post daily vlog videos to their channels from Dec1-Christmas day. I am already one week in and I have to say filming, editing and posting has gotten a whole lot smoother. But, not without all kinds of glitches and a call to Tech Support. I consider those battle scars.

Vlogmas is also forcing me to be accountable when it comes to carving out creative time. It is so easy to let the admin side of running a creative business take over. This week, in response to a question I had in the fiber art collective FB group (join us here!) I decided to share how I use my 2.5dpi heddle to make an art yarn warped scarf. I also shared some behind the scenes of from the clay studio and my sketchbook hashing out a new piece.

So, if you are not subscribed to my You tube channel, you can do so here. Other wise here are this weeks Vlogmas videos.


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Vlogmas Weave-O-Rama: Let’s do this

I am fired up you guys. And it is thanks to you.

Many of you remember last year I took December to organize my new studio and blogged everyday about it. I love challenges like this, so I am doing it again. But, this time, Fiberistas, you guys have inspired me to go video and participate in YouTube’s Vlogmas challenge. I love video, and you guys have indicated that you find it super helpful.

If you are not familiar, Vlogmas is an annual YouTube event were YouTubers upload a video daily through the month of December leading up to Christmas. Am I crazy? Totally. And yes it is going to be quite the challenge. But for me I need to challenge myself to streamline my editing. That Asheville week video? I have been editing it for 3 days because I ramble so freaking much. You would die if you could see the footage that never makes it into the actual video. Gotta get concise. And I also need to streamline my editing process. Practice makes perfect.

Vlogging has helped me really see my work and process for what it is and as well as what it is not. And It has also helped me connect with you guys more. From what I hear in the comments and emails, it is helping you make art. THAT is insanely exciting for me. So lets do this! I am in.

So for the month of December I am vlogging a daily weaving related video. I say “related” because I do think there is more to weaving than being at the loom. And I think it is important to share the whole process.Get ready, I will start December 1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notices when those videos go live.

In the mean time here are some of the fiber art weaving like videos I have made so far.

Last week I slayed some major creative doubts.

I have written so many freaking posts about my creative blocks. I am not going to lie, in the last year or so, these blocks have been big enough to feel like doubts. But, fiberista, last week while vlogging (yep, I am actually trying to let the vlogging be a thing) I kind of ended up filming my break through in real time. Check it out…

So, fiberista. Have you ever let your creative blocks become doubts about you work? I know it is kind of a intimate question, but would love it if you shared below, or you can even email me privately if you like. xo

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Pumpkin Spice Sweater Knitting

I have no doubt where you live now, You are already deep into the crisp fall weather. Here in Raleigh, It all started this week.

Flip the switch on the gas fireplace and cue pumpkin spice everything. Thank you baby Jebuz, it is finally sweater weather.

If I had been a productive and smart cookie, I would have a stack of new hand knits to unwrap. But alas, I was a total slacker on filling out the wardrobe over the summer. Argh!! I had this idea that over the years I would stop buying commercially made sweaters and began replacing my fading wardrobe with hand knits. HA!! All I seem to have is a fading wardrobe. It is not that I don’t have a long list of sweater WIPS, I just get bored with the the drudgery of the follow through. I know many of you know exactly what I mean. Startitis is actually a thing. And so is the class of patterns called quick knits, with the intentions of shortening that drudgery middle part of making something.

Here’s the thing, the magic of creative ideas are often born during the drudgery of doing the work. Doing the work simple requires you to show up. And fiberista, I have not been showing up for my own knit work. I don’t know about you but the start of fall always feels like a fiber arts new year to me. It renews my knitting love and calls me to remember why I love what I do.

So today firbeista, I am sharing my creative plan not for the greater good of adding my visual language to the conversation. I am straight up wanting some new clothes. So here is what my knitting season is going to look like.

I am not going to start anything new. No, really…nothing new. I have 24+ WIPs. 

I am, however, willing to frog stuff. Because sometime it is better to abandon the project and save the yarn than to soldier through and end up with a sweater you will not wear.

I am going to show up at least 3x a week. Here is a crazy truth…I have always had a hard time wrapping my brain around art time as real work. Yep, this professional artist feels guilty for doing the work that makes me an artist. It is a very deep rooted issue I will always struggle with. But, it is also always something I overcome thanks to lots of practice. Wash rinse repeat. So yeah, routines are pretty vital.

I am also stopping there with the guidelines. Any more rules or promises to myself will overcomplicate this. I am hoping to get at least 2 new sweaters out of this, but 3 would be amazing. And it would also be amazing if I promised to vlog about it, but that might be more than I am ready to bite off right now.

What are you working on? Leave me some comment love below.


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