Do you believe in love at first sight?

Have you found love at your LYS (or maybe even in my booth)?

Do you have a very large stash of yarns you absolutlely love, but have no concrete plans for working them?

Or maybe you are a hand spinner with a stash filled with skeins of your beautiful work

Are you afraid to work with those special skeins in your stash?

And for heaven's sake, how many scarves/cowls/hats do you really need?

Do you wish your knitting was more creative than pick a pattern pick a yarn and follow the directions?

Are you ready to change the way you knit the yarns you love...

Crack open your creativity, listen to your right brain, find your visual language in fiber art through the medium you already love.

Begin your body of work. Design like a fiber artist. Create patterns for handspun yarn in your stash.

BiO knitting stand for Brave+Inspired+Organic.

What started as a tutorial on how to work with handmade yarns has evolved into a primer on taking your knitting into a form of fiber art meet fashion design. Forget pattern math (well…most of it), and traditional knitwear designs you will find in your Ravelry queue.

There are no rules when it comes to art. 

You are already a fiber artist(I see you all as fiber artists). Let’s get you designing wearables like a fashion designer.

This course is suitable for advanced beginners

You will need some shaping experience and knowledge of working up a gauge

I have distilled what I know into an 8 week e-course, guiding you through exercises that will amp up your creativity. I am sharing some stuff that some of the most successful artists I know in other industries use (they are consistently doing the same things collectively to stay creative)expanding your ideas way beyond what you thought you could create. I will then step you through a super fast way to get those ideas and inspirations into a textile form. No stressing over the technical stuff, that can be a creative buzz kill.

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Here is what you will learn:

Lesson 1
What will you make? Selecting your learning sweater. Setting up your art journal.
Lesson 2
Considering the Fabric. Analyzing your selected yarn and techniques in fabric building.
Lesson 3
Combining Yarns, Hatching a Plan. Learning to brainstorm yarn combinations with a working swatch.


Lesson 4
Building a template. Creating a map for the fabric you will build.
Lesson 5

Hobby knitter vs. fiber artist. Learning the differenceHow to make mistakes that help grow your work.

Lesson 6

How to do The daily work. Getting the most out of you productive time, how to replenish your creative coffers, and what to do when you are stuck.

Lesson 7

Become obsessed with study. Diving into historical and cultural inspirations and integrating them with your work.

Lesson 8

Creating a body of work. How to take what you know beyond this class and create a line knitwear. a bonus!

As part of BiOknitting, you will get free lifetime access to my Start Your Art Journal eCourse. Normally $28, your free with this class. 1006277_10151715663184501_316380229_n copy If you have already signed up for the Start Your Art Journal Class, Email me. I will discount your BiOKnitting enrollment

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BiOKnitting is not just limited to knitting!

BiOKintting methods can apply to crochet, weaving, felting, even a combination of any fiber techniques. It works with what ever resonates with you.

Hey Fiberista,
I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this course. I have been working on BiOKnitting for well over a year.  Not only is it a culmination of my 13 years as fiber artist, but the creative process that has seen me through my career as an art director. I would be so honored to help you launch a new direction in your fiber art.
Stacey Budge-Kamison, AKA UrbanGypZ