Fall in Asheville, this year is a little bittersweet. The leaves are about to hit their peak color and the weather is just cool enough for a light sweater. If it all goes as planned, this is the last fall living in Asheville. It is such a great season to be in the mountains, but unfortunately everyone else thinks so as well. Holy cow the tourist season is full tilt right now.

Fall usually has me turning to my big knitting projects again. While I do spend an obscene amount of time painting with yarn, to make freeform, intuitively created sweaters, I do have a Ravelry queue filled with meaty, complex larger projects that I crave when a full 3 seasons of knitting time lies before me. I also love the idea of tackling a complex pattern, stretching my left brain to decipher techniques. So this week I am posting some sweater p0rn for the left brain knitters out there.

Here are my favorite Five big-ass projects from my Ravelry queue.

1. The #11 Wrap Front Pullover. Don’t you just love that sexy name (<–sarcasm alert). I only say that because it in no way describes the absolute beauty of this hoodie. I fell in love at first sight years ago when I saw this project in Vogue Knitting. I finally found the perfect yarn at my LYS a few years ago and have actually finished the back panel. I have high hopes of one day finishing this thing before it goes completely out of style.


via Francoise

2. Dale of Norway’s 7901 Polar Bear. I covet this pattern hard. It is long out of print and hard to find for under $75.00. Well, I could get a kit for about $200, but I am not sure I want to use the Dale of Norway yarn. And chances are I would mess with the design just a bit (collar, maybe length). So, this is on the some day list…as in I get lucky finding the pattern for cheaper.


via Acornbud 

3. The Portland Sweater. I have actually worked about 7 inches of the body in the round…that I need to rip out {{wimper}}. The gauge is right, but knit too loose for cables. I have big plans to actually make two of these. One with commercially spun yarn and one made from a tri-color finn fleece that I have been hoarding for this very sweater.

via Mårten Ivert

via Mårten Ivert

4. The Acorn Sweater. This sweater begs to be knit in an agora blend. And maybe even made with a complimentary short sleeve sweater to turn it into a classic sweater set…to be worn with pearls…to the library…so not me, but I love love love it for some reason. I do have the angora blend yarn in a dove grey ready to go.

via Doodle

via Doodle

5. Sant’Angelo. ::::Drool:::: I envision this sweater made with my loft sock yarn in something outrageous and Frida Kahlo-esc color combo.

What is on your dream sweater list? What big sweater projects doe you swear you will tackle one day? Leave me a comment below. Hey if you like this post, please share it on your favorite social media (I added some buttons below to make it easier to share)

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